Banner for Puffer Chair.png

 Puffer Chair is a collaboration between Angelo Numa and Jay Jones to fuse both furniture design and fashion design, creating a natural harmony between two mediums. The premise of the chair was to literally animate Angelo Numa’s Puffer Jacket by applying it to a different medium. I was to design the frame to accommodate the “puffed rings” that were to mimic the jacket. This chair, comprised of a mango wood frame, olive/camouflage fleece with a polystyrene foam inner, wood glue, and stretched canvas for bottom support, is all the making of two designers doing what they do best.

MoodBoard AJ Collab.png

This mood board displays the elements used in the furniture, which is comprised of Army Tank Green color, Mt. Shasta, Mango Wood, Camouflage, and Fleece.

3 Quarter Right Lounge.png

The fabric is meant to be reversed to the users liking, to accentuate the mood in the room, be it they are ready to take on the wilderness, or relax in the depth of the Army Tank Green Fleece.

Lookbook AJ Collab Final Spread-4.png