Jay Jones is a designer instilled with the qualities of life and passion. Through these two mediums, he focuses on bringing out the best in everyone around him. He claims that his best skills lie in sketching, designing and ingenuity, but most people find that his most valuable skills rest in being a people person. He is very energetic, outgoing, kind, and most of all, fun to be around.

While attending Savannah College of Art and Design, he has made strides in the industry so far with Industrial Design, showing his best traits through Leo Burnett Success Memes, Various Awards in Art and Design through his life, being a National Buick Achiever Award Recipient and among other things, a cast member on the TV Show, Unique Rides with Will Castro as a Visual Artist and Designer. His end goal is to be someone that makes a mark in this world while on his climb to the top.


Awards & Nominations